Board Governance Programs

Board Governance Programs

– John Ware Fellowship

Objective: JWI Will be offering a fellowship program that aims to develop a core of reputable Black Board directors in other to address supply side issue.

The program will identify and prepare 100 Black executives for Board service within the next 5 years.

Fellows: The ideal candidate will be a senior manager or executive with over 10 years of professional experience. The candidates will also have 5 years of non-profit board experience. Fellows will be selected annually by an advisory board to be constituted by JWI.

The Program Offers the Following benefits: The fellowship is a 2 year program
JWI will work with the candidates to identify “next-left” paid board opportunities.
JWI will place each fellow with a Board mentor and Board peer group
JWI will work with the fellows to pursue the ICD.D credential and will provide financial support for the fellows as the pursue the program

Board Governance Program Canada – Programs for Board Directors

JWI understands the value of promoting inclusive and diverse boardrooms in Canada in addition to the current board governance programmes. JWI is introducing the Board Governance Programme Canada to address the unique requirements of the Canadian context. By developing a pool of highly qualified board members with a variety of backgrounds, this programme hopes to improve governance procedures in Canadian organisations. The programme will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the role and responsibilities of board directors in the Canadian context.

To address the supply-side issues that are pervasive in Canadian boardrooms, the Board Governance Programme Canada will concentrate on creating a core group of reputable black and minority board directors. Within the next five years, the programme will identify and train 100 black and minority executives for board service, with a focus on boosting their representation on Canadian boards.

  • Fellows: Much like the current John Ware Fellowship, senior managers or executives with more than 10 years of professional experience will make the best candidates for the Board Governance Programme Canada. Additionally, they should have at least five years of experience serving on nonprofit boards. A JWI-created advisory board will choose the fellows on an annual basis, ensuring a fair and open selection process.
  • Programme Benefits: The Board Governance Programme Canada will provide the chosen candidates with a thorough two-year fellowship. JWI will work with the fellows to find paid board positions that fit with their areas of expertise and interests during this time. Each fellow will also be assigned a board mentor and join a peer group of board members to encourage networking and knowledge sharing.

The ICD.D. credential, a recognised governance certification in Canada, will also be supported by JWI in the fellows’ pursuit of it. Financial support will be given to cover programme expenses, allowing the fellows to concentrate on honing their skills as board directors. In addition, the fellows will have the opportunity to attend various events and workshops organised by JWI throughout the year, providing them with further learning and networking opportunities. These experiences will help prepare them for future board roles and contribute to their ongoing professional development.

Giving Back:

Each fellow will be required to identify 2 other candidates to be developed as John Ware fellows and will make a commitment to mentoring two John Ware fellows within 5 years of the completion of their fellowship.

JWI is also seeking Board mentors of all races to assist in mentoring the John Ware Fellows.

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Candidates will be intermediate managers with under 10 years of professional experience and less than 5 years of non-profit board experience.

The Program Offers the Following benefits:

The Associate Program lasts up to 5 years
JWI expects that the associate program will act as a feeder program to the Fellowship program
JWI will work with associates to identify meaningful non-profit board opportunities where they can develop the requisite governance experience
JWI will place each Associate with an Associate peer group and they will be encouraged to participate in and observe fellow Peer Group meetings

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