Board Governance Programs

Objective: JWI recognizes that developing capacity is crucial for the successful governance of Canadian businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Weak governance structures are often cited as a reason for minority owned businesses being turned down for funding. As such, JWI will develop programs in new ventures, entrepreneurship, management, and governance for Black owned business. The program offering will be tailored for businesses of various sizes, recognizing that we expect that most participants will fall into the < $5M category:

  • < $500K in revenues
  • $501K to <$5M
  • $5M to < $20M
  • $20M to < $100M and
  • $100M or >

The programs will consider the context of Black owned businesses in its design. JWI founder has had experience designing custom courses for a targeted group. Specifically, he designed an accounting course for the First Nations in partnership with the Aboriginal Financial Officer’s Association of Alberta.

This course is now a constant annual offering and has since provided laddering opportunities into credit course offered in partnership between the AFOA and a post-secondary Institution in Alberta. Every effort will be made to ensure that the courses are designed by or with input from Black academics and trainers and that the courses to the extent possible are delivered by educators with lived experiences.

Potential Courses:

Management Skills – Designed to expose participants to their obligations under various legal and tax statute and enable them to better engage with the CRA, lenders and Accounting, HR, and Legal organizational functions.

Entrepreneurship – Designed to preparing participants to take ideas from concept to execution. Relevant skills include writing a business plan and preparing financial projections.

Small Business and Small Non-Profits Director Training